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Murphy's Law of Love (Chinese: 莫非,這就是愛情; pinyin: mò fēi zhè jìu shì aì qǐng) is a 2015 Taiwanese romantic comedy television series produced by Sanlih E-Television. Starring Danson Tang, Ivelyn Lee, Jolin Chien and Jenna Wang as the main cast.[1] The Chinese title literally translates to "Perhaps, This is Called Love". Filming began on February 24, 2015, the drama will be filmed as it airs. First original broadcast begins March 20, 2015 on SETTV channel airing on Fridays from 10:00-11:30 pm.[2]

Murphy's Law of Love
Promo poster
Also known asPerhaps, This is Called Love
GenreRomance, Comedy
Created bySanlih E-Television
Written byWang Ruo-ting 王若婷 (Ep. 1-13)
Chen Jie-ying 陳潔瑩 (Ep. 8-19)
Fang Yi-de 方懿德 (Ep. 1)
Wu Xiang-ying 吳香穎 (Ep. 1)
Chen Xin-ying 陳妡盈 (Ep. 1-5)
Zhu Ying 諸英 (Ep. 2-14)
Lan Meng-he 藍夢荷 (Ep. 2-6)
Chen Pei-wen 陳佩妏 (Ep. 2-13)
Luo Qian-ni 羅茜妮 (Ep. 7-13)
Zhang Ya-jun 張雅郡 (Ep. 15-19)
Directed byYe Tian-lun 葉天倫 (Ep. 1)
Li Qing-rong 李青蓉 (Ep. 1-4)
Hao Xin-xiang 郝心翔 (Ep. 5-19)
StarringDanson Tang 唐禹哲
Ivelyn Lee 李佳穎
Jolin Chien 簡宏霖
Jenna Wang 王思平
Opening themeFly With Me by Landy Wen 溫嵐
Ending themeWant To Say 想說 by GJ 蔣卓嘉
Country of originRepublic of China (Taiwan)
Original languageMandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes19
ProducerAn Jing-hong 安景鴻
Production locationTaiwan
Camera setupMulti camera
Running time90 minutes
Production companiesSanlih E-Television 三立電視
TM Brothers Media Co. Ltd 天億兄弟影音傳媒股份有限公司
DistributorSanlih E-Television
Original networkSETTV
Picture formatSDTV (480i)
Original release20 March (2015-03-20) 
24 July 2015 (2015-07-24)
Preceded byAim High 22K夢想高飛
Followed byLove Cuisine 料理高校生


Murphy's Law means anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
Guan Xiao-tong (Ivelyn Lee) has been cursed with Murphy's Law all her life. Every time her attainable desires are within reach, they somehow escape her grasp at the last moment. After her boyfriend dumps her and breaks her heart, Xiao-tong decides to use her psychiatry expertise to help others with love at an online matchmaking service. Soon a divorce firm opens across the street from her office, threatening the matchmaking service. The divorce firm's owner, Ji Jia-wei (Danson Tang), thinks Xiao-tong's theory and love advice is idiotic while she thinks he is a cold hearted person who doesn't believe in love and only started his business so others can be like him. But since Xiao-tong is cursed with Murphy's Law, Jia-wei whom she has no interest in starts falling for her when she unknowingly starts to melt his ice-cold heart.[3]

Plot summary

Guan Xiao-tong has been dealing with Murphy's Law from the moment she was conceived. Just as she was starting to imagine a future with her boyfriend he dumps her, telling her he is set to marry someone he doesn't love but is wealthy. That same night, at the same place, Ji Jia-wei gets rejected when he proposes marriage to his celebrity girlfriend He Zhi-yu, who cares more about her career than him. Heartbroken, Jia-wei gives the engagement ring to a drunk Xiao-tong. A year later Xiao-tong and Jia-wei meet again in the most unpleasant circumstances and become instant enemies when his umbrella accidentally splashes puddle water on her. She becomes annoyed with his unapologetic behavior while he thinks she should have been more observant of her surroundings. Their hatred for each other grows when they find out that they're in the opposite business of love. She's a Love Doctor that helps people find love at a matchmaking service while he's the boss and owner of a divorce firm that helps couples walk away from their broken marriages amicably.

When one of Jia-wei's employees and friends signs him up as a member of the matchmaking service as a joke, he becomes the most popular bachelor. Soon Xiao-tong is pressured by her boss and has to pretend to be friendly to Jia-wei in order to get him to accept an invitation to her company's matchmaking party so he can meet all the female members of the matchmaking service that are interested in him. During Xiao-tong's persuasion for Jia-wei to accept her company's invitation he slowly develops feelings for her that at first he is uncertain of since he can't stand her. However, every time restaurateur Xiang Zi-yan who possess all the qualities of Xiao-tong's ideal guy, is in her presence he becomes jealous and mad that she isn't paying attention to him. When his secretary, who is a follower of Xiao-tong's love advice blog, tells him to think about his feelings clearly he is unable to deny his feelings for Xiao-tong.

After her company's matchmaking party ends, Xiao-tong thinks she no longer has to deal with Jia-wei anymore, but with his growing feelings for her he proposes to her boss that the divorce firm and the matchmaking service team up and work together to help his divorced clients find love again, in order for him to continue associating with Xiao-tong without anyone finding out his true feelings for her. Jia-wei's entire staff notices him acting weird since his behavior is out of the ordinary while the entire staff at the matchmaking service thinks the divorce firm has ulterior motives to steal their business setup.

Just when Xiao-tong is starting to get to know Zi-yan at a personal level, Jia-wei makes his presences known by showing her his caring side. Soon she finds out Jia-wei actually has a warm side and starts to have growing feelings for him when his thoughtfulness towards her gets her heart beating. With her continued friendship with Zi-yan, Jia-wei sees a love rival in him and actively starts his pursuit for Xiao-tong by grandly professing his love for her. He soon wins her heart and the two begin officially dating to Zi-yan's disappointment who can only step aside and contain his feelings for Xiao-tong.

Xiao-tong's Murphy's Law curse once again catches up with her. Just when she and Jia-wei began their relationship as a couple and all seemed happy and perfect, his ex-girlfriend Zhi-yu, whom he previously could not get over returns to Taiwan and expects to reconcile with him. Jia-wei, still holding a grudge against Zhi-yu, brushes her off. Zhi-yu is undeterred by his rejections and continues her path to win his love back despite him bluntly telling her he has moved on and is in a happy relationship with Xiao-tong.


Main cast

With his good looks and wealthy background he is a good catch for many single ladies, but after being rejected by his ex-girlfriend He Zhi-yu when he propose marriage, heartbroken he chooses to remain single and is afraid to love again. He opens "Renew Agent of Divorce", a firm that helps couples move past their broken relationships and end their relationship on friendly terms, right across the street from "I MEET YOU" which the dating service sees as a threat to their business. In order to ward off anyone that might be interested in him he wears a fake wedding band to lie about his marital status. His only companion is his pet dog Polo that he has conversations with. One year after originally encountering Xiao-tong he meets her again but doesn't realize he had met her before. The two start off on the wrong foot due to an unpleasant encounter which later leads to many misunderstandings and bickering. They become enemies due to their rivaled businesses and he nicknames her "Dr. Loser" because she is a love guru with the title "Dr. Love". Thinking her theories and advice about love is idiotic he uses the alias "Wayne" to post the question of why he is unable to love another on her blog. When she gets every answer correct about what he is mentally thinking of, he starts to believe that she is indeed the real deal. After an accidental kiss and seeing how caring she is towards one of his distraught clients he develops feelings for her but isn't sure how he feels since he couldn't stand her, however with the arrival of restaurateur Xiang Zi-yan in her life he shows his anger and jealousy for Xiao-tong's attention whenever Zi-yan is presence or name is mentioned. Feeling able to love again and seeing a heated rival in Zi-yan, he starts to actively pursuing Xiao-tong and continues to communicate with her as "Wayne" for love advice during his pursuit for her.
She has fought with Murphy's Law all her life, knowing she is jinxed she is always prepared. After her boyfriend breaks up with her to marry someone he doesn't love but is wealthy, she has had a bias against rich people because she thinks they can use money to buy whatever they want. Wanting to help others who have been heartbroken like her she quits her job as a hospital psychiatrist and uses her expertise to give advice about love at the "I MEET YOU Online Dating Agency". She becomes a popular "Love Doctor" giving advice and lectures on her blog and monthly seminars. She also coins the phrase "4G Man" as the perfect man which stands for guts, giver, gentle and guarantee. Not knowing she had encountered Ji Jia-wei on her night of heartbreak she meets him again one year later in unpleasant circumstances. Due to their rivaled businesses and her misunderstandings of him she becomes enemies with him and gives him the nicknames "NG Man" and "Frozen Pork Chop" because he has none of the qualities of her "4G Man" and his cold exterior. When someone jokingly signs up Jia-wei as a member of "I MEET YOU", he becomes the most popular bachelor. Her boss pressures her to convince Jia-wei to accept the invitation to their single ladies party, in order to do so she stalks and pretends to be friendly to him. After Jia-wei attends the singles party and working closely together on their companies collaboration she starts realizing that he may appear cold on the outside but is actually soft and warm inside, eventually her opinion of him being an "NG Man" and "Frozen Pork Chop" diminishes and now sees him as a "Durian", spiky and hard outside but soft and sweet inside. She meets Xiang Zi-yan while dining at his restaurant. He soon becomes her knight in shining armor as he seems to avert her Murphy's Law. Just when she was getting to know Zi-yan, Jia-wei actively pursues her, which gets her heart beating and thinking about him. But her Murphy's Law catches up to her as it seems every direction is pointing her towards Zi-yan since he is her boss's son, her mother's cooking instructor and her best friend Xin-xin is pushing for them to be together, but her feelings for him is as a friend only.
A restaurateur and cooking instructor who also hobbies in amateur photography. He meets Guan Xiao-tong when she dines at his restaurant. He becomes instantly interested in her because she resembles a picture displayed in his restaurant. Upon conversing with her he does not tell her his true status and only lets her think of him as a waiter that works at the restaurant. He also happens to be Xiao-tong's boss Wu Mei-zhen, son and her mother Liu Xiu-mei's cooking instructor. Though he seems to possess all of Xiao-tong's "4G Man" quality, being her boss's son and her mother and friend liking him he is shoo–in to become her new boyfriend, but with Jia-wei actively pursuing her, her feelings for Zi-yan seems to be only as a friend. During Xiao-tong and Jia-wei's break up he finally confesses his feelings for her only for her to reject him but the two stay on as friends. It is hinted at the end that he and Hu An-ting might become a couple.
Ji Jia-wei ex-girlfriend. A print model who is also a budding actress. She puts her career before her love life. When she rejects Jia-wei's marriage proposal he breaks up with her. Wanting to patch up with Jia-wei she rushes to him but gets involve in a car accident and disappears from Jia-wei's life to receive medical treatment for her disfigured face abroad. After recovering and returning to Taiwan she expects to reconcile with Jia-wei, but due to Jia-wei's new found love with Xiao-tong and still holding a grudge against her for walking out on him a year ago without a word he brushes her off. Undeterred by Jia-wei's rejections, she continues on her path to regain his love by constantly reminding him of their past memories together and showing him that her career is no longer the most important thing in her life.

Supporting cast

Renew Agent of Divorce staff

Ji Jia-wei's best friend and co-worker. He is the dependable friend that Jia-wei relies on in work and personally. After the "I MEET YOU" and "Renew" joint social gather he develops a crush on Xia Xin-xin and starts to pursue her.
Ji Jia-wei's immature friend and co-worker. Even though he is married he likes to use Jia-wei's identity to meet females online. When his online chat friend Xia Xin-xin who works at "I MEET YOU" asks him to help her sign up new members at her dating service he uses Jia-wei's identity to sign up.
The newly hired receptionist and secretary at "Renew". She is a fan of Guan Xiao-tong that follows her advice blog religiously and attends all her seminars. It is hinted at the end that she and Xiang Zi-yan might become a couple.

I MEET YOU dating service staff

Owner and boss of "I MEET YOU Online Dating Agency". A demanding boss that won't accept any excuses. After finding out that her dating services most popular bachelor is Ji Jia-wei and that he is also the owner of "Renew" she still insist Xiao-tong to have Jia-wei accept the "Popular King" title and attend their singles meet party. She is also Xiang Zi-yan's single mother who is searching for love herself.
Guan Xiao-tong's best friend and co-worker. She is also online chat friends with Simon who works at "Renew". She tries to hook up Xiao-tong with Xiang Zi-yan after noticing that he averts her Murphy's Law jinx.
The webmaster at "I MEET YOU" who is in charge of maintaining and managing the companies website and all the members information.
The new webmaster at "I MEET YOU" who replaces Alan. He has an unrequited for Hu An-ting.

Ji family

Ji Jia-wei's single father. He pushes his son to either take over his business so he could retire and travel the world or start dating again.

Guan family

Guan Xiao-tong and Guan Xiao-qing's father. Liu Xiu-mei's husband.
Guan Xiao-tong and Guan Xiao-qing's mother. Guan Bo-wei's wife. She is also a cooking student of Xiang Zi-yan. She sees Zi-yan as a potential son-in-law and wants to set Xiao-tong on a blind date with him.
Guan Xiao-tong's older sister. Married for less than a year, she catches her cheating husband with his mistress when she comes home earlier than expected. She and her ex-husband becomes "Renew's" first clients.

Extended cast

Guan Xiao-tong's ex-boyfriend. He is the heir to a beauty treatment spa. Even though he loved Xiao-tong he still broke up with her to marry someone he didn't love because that other person was wealthy.
Guan Xiao-tong's father during his youth. He had hoped Xiao-tong to be a son during his wife's pregnancy.
Guan Xiao-tong's mother during her youth. She had no plans for a second child but got pregnant with Xiao-tong.
Young Xiao-tong who notices nothing ever going right for her.
Teenage Xiao-tong who discovers that she is jinxed with Murphy's Law after rushing home to watch Fated to Love You only to have the power go out.
The doctor who delivered Guan Xiao-tong.
The nurse who helped deliver Guan Xiao-tong.
One of Ji Jia-wei's clients who reconcile with his ex-wife Ms. He after remaining on friendly terms with her after their divorce.
One of Ji Jia-wei's clients who reconcile with her ex-husband Mr. Fu after remaining on friendly terms with him after their divorce.
Guan Xiao-qing's cheating ex-husband. Insisting on having a divorce party held by "Renew". At the party he says he did no wrong during their marriage in front of their friends.
A client of "Renew" who is interested in Ji Jia-wei and planned on starting a relationship with him after her divorce. When Jia-wei rejects her advances she becomes suicidal.
A divorced participant of Renew and I Meet You's joint social camping trip to help people find love. He blames Xiao-tong when his matched mate swindles him.
Ji Jia-wei's mother. She walked out on her husband and son when he was a child.
The sight of his mother walking out on him scares him for life.
He Zhi-yu's personal assistant.
Jia-wei's newly wed college friend. Jia-wei brings Xiao-tong to his wedding as their first official date. His newly wed wife has an illness.
Ah Da's newly wed wife. She has an illness.
Simon Wang's wife.

Murphy's Law

A list of Murphy's Law mentioned in each episode.

EpisodeLaw #Murphy's Law
11If there is a possibility of things going wrong the one that will hurt the most will mostly happen.
2It never rains when you have an umbrella, but pours when you don't have one.
23If there is a correct solution, then it will bring new problems.
4There is never enough time to do it right the first time, but always enough time to redo it again.
35The more you don't want to meet someone, the easier you'll meet.
6If all seems well, you have obviously overlooked something.
57The thing you need at the most critical moment, is not in your hand.
78The day you wear high heels, the ground has potholes.
129When trying to find a person, you search the world but still can't find them.
1510Every thing is not as good as it looks.
1611Even though we love each other so much, there is still a good reason to separate.


Murphy's Law of Love
Original TV Soundtrack (OST)
Soundtrack album by
Various artists
Released9 May 2015
LabelHOVE (Ho Vision Entertainment Co., Ltd)

Murphy's Law of Love Original TV Soundtrack (OST) (莫非,这就是爱情 電視原聲帶) was released on May 8, 2015, by various artists under HOVE, Ltd. It contains 13 tracks total, in which 6 songs are various instrumental versions of the songs. The opening theme is track 1 "Fly With Me" by Landy Wen 溫嵐, while the closing theme is track 2 "Want To Say 想說" by GJ 蔣卓嘉.

Track listing

1."Fly With Me"Landy Wen 溫嵐3:16
2."Want To Say" (想說)GJ 蔣卓嘉3:45
3."What Is The Shape Of Your Love" (你的愛是什麼形狀)J.Arie (Rachel Lui) 雷琛瑜3:45
4."Can't Be Friends" (不能做朋友)Jack Kim 金韓一4:00
5."Heart Magic" (心魔)J.Arie (Rachel Lui) 雷琛瑜3:46
6."Runaway"Jack Kim 金韓一4:42
7."On The Road" (在路上)Nori 鐘純妍4:07
8."Fly With Me (Sweetheart ver.)"Instrumental3:16
9."Want To Say (Lonely ver.)" (想說 (孤單落寞版 ))Instrumental3:45
10."What Is The Shape Of Your Love (Romantic Memories ver.)" (你的愛是什麼形狀 (浪漫回憶版))Instrumental3:45
11."Can't Be Friends (Struggling ver.)" (幸福滿滿 (掙扎思念版))Instrumental4:00
12."Heart Magic (Happy House ver.)" (心魔 (歡樂滿屋版))Instrumental3:46
13."On The Road" (在路上 (淡淡憂傷版))Instrumental4:07



* 4 June 2015 : S-Pop Vol. 28 July 2014 (華流 6月號/2015第28期 ) - Barcode 471709558780906 - Author: Sanlih E-Television 三立電視監製

For the June 2015 issue of S-Pop magazine, the lead actors of Murphy's Law of Love are featured on one out of three covers published. The Murphy's Law of Love cover is a special edition with a mouse pad featuring the promo image on it, included.[6]

Filming locations

The opening sequence of the drama was filmed on a studio built set at Sanlih's headquarters in the Neihu District of Taipei. The closing sequence and end credits were filmed entirely in Chiayi, Taiwan. Places included Zhuqi Station, Jhuci Waterfront Park and National Chung Cheng University. The offices of where the main characters work at are located on the ground floor of No. 14 and 17 Lane 177, Guangfu N Rd in the Songshan District of Taipei, Taiwan. Both are vacant storefronts that was remodel by the production team. The home of the Guan family are two separate home-stays located in Yilan County, Taiwan. The Guan family living area and building exterior is the "Nature Country Homestay - BnB", while Guan Xiao-tong's bedroom is the "Fish Homestay".[7][8] The exterior of Ji Jia-wei's residence is an interior design firm named "ART Interior Design 亞圖設計", located at Alley 2, Lane 69, Section 5, Minsheng E Rd in the Songshan District of Taipei Taiwan.[9]

Development and casting


NetworkCountryAiring DateTimeslot
SETTV TaiwanMarch 18, 2015Friday 10:00-11:30 pm
ETTVMarch 21, 2015Saturday 8:00-9:30 pm
Astro Shuang Xing MalaysiaMarch 20, 2015Friday 10:00 pm–11:30 pm
Astro AECDecember 14, 2015Monday to Friday 4:00-5:00 pm
StarHub TV SingaporeMarch 29, 2015Sunday 10:00 pm–11:30 pm
True Asian Series ThailandApril 17, 2016Saturday & Sunday 7:00 pm

Episode ratings

Competing dramas on rival channels airing at the same time slot were:
Air DateEpisodeAverage RatingsRank
March 20, 201511.133
March 27, 201520.983
April 3, 201530.813
April 10, 201541.113
April 17, 201551.083
April 24, 201561.243
May 1, 201571.083
May 8, 201581.152
May 15, 201591.292
May 22, 2015101.372
May 29, 2015111.352
June 5, 2015121.033
June 12, 2015131.173
June 19, 2015141.282
June 26, 2015151.272
July 3, 2015161.173
July 10, 2015171.362
July 17, 2015181.272
July 24, 2015191.612
Average ratings1.20

Awards and nominations

Ceremony Category Nominee Result
2015 Sanlih Drama Awards Best Actor Award Danson Tang Nominated
Best Actress Award Ivelyn Lee Nominated
Best Screen Couple Award Danson Tang & Ivelyn Lee Nominated
Best Kiss Award Danson Tang & Ivelyn Lee Won
Best Green Leaf Award Phoebe Huang Nominated
Best Selling S-Pop Magazine Award Danson Tang Nominated
Ivelyn Lee Nominated
Viewers Choice Drama Award Murphy's Law of Love Won


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