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Phil Lam Yik-hong[1] (Chinese: 林奕匡, born 12 June 1985 as Lam Hon Fai) is a Canadian-born Hong Kong artist and sing-songwriter. Born in Nanaimo and raised in Qualicum Beach,[2] he signed a contract with Sony Music Hong Kong in 2009. He rose to fame in Hong Kong in 2014 with the song Hills and Valleys (Chinese: 高山低谷), which earned him a Top 20 Gold Song Award in the 2014 Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards Presentation.[3]

Phil Lam
Phil Lam, 2014
Lam Hon Fai

(1985-06-12) 12 June 1985 (age 37)
Nanaimo, Canada
Alma materUniversity of British Columbia
Years active2010–present
Notable workHills and Valleys (Chinese: 高山低谷)
Height1.8 m (5 ft 11 in)
Musical career
OriginHong Kong, China


Early stages of his career: 2007 to 2011

In 2007, Phil Lam participated the Vancouver qualification for the New Talent Singing Awards.[4] Later, he represented Vancouver to participate in the New Talent Singing Awards.

In 2009, he signed a contract with Sony Music Hong Kong to be a singer-songwriter. Originally, his debut will be in late 2009. But thanks to the conflict of Sony Music Hong Kong with TVB, the plan was postponed.

In September 2010, Phil Lam finally debuted and released his first Mandarin song, Rain Fell on the Ground (Chinese: 雨落大地) . On 11 November 2010, he held his first concert, Listen · Phil Lam Showcase (Chinese: 聽·林奕匡 Showcase). He also released his first EP, Loaded on 25 November 2010.

In 2011, Phil released a song, Infinity (Chinese: 無限) with Jason Chan.

Poor-performing period: 2012–2013

In 2012, Phil releases his first album, Phil Lam, this album contains all songs from his previous EP, Loaded, but he only sent the song Things to be Completed Before 30 Years Old (Chinese: 三十歲前要完成的事) to the radio. He did not release any album or singles in 2013.

He became famous: 2014 to 2016

In 2014, he released his second EP, 3. He was noticed by the song Hills and Valleys (Chinese: 高山低谷) and the music video of the song is one of the most watched Cantopop music videos on YouTube.

In 2015, he released his second album, Someone Echoes(Chinese: 有人共鳴) and sent the songs Song of Praise (Chinese: 頌讚詩), Andersen's Fault (Chinese: 安徒生的錯) and Someone Echoes (Chinese: 有人共鳴). He also released a song, A New Day (Chinese: 新一天)with Robynn & Kendy. The music videos of Andersen's Fault (Chinese: 安徒生的錯) and Someone Echoes (Chinese: 有人共鳴) got around 5 million views on YouTube each.

Stably Important: 2017 to this day

February 2017, he held a 3-day concert at Macpherson Stadium named PHIL LIKE LIVE 2017. He also released his third album, Songs of Love. One of the song in the album, Once in a Blue Moon (Chinese: 難得一遇) became a top hit on the radio and the music video got more than a million views on YouTube.

In the middle of 2017, he released 3 songs, It is Good to Have Tears (Chinese: 有淚多好), Resting and Not Working Today (Chinese: 是日休息絕不工作) and Grassland (Chinese: 草原). He also released an EP at the end of that year, My Taste of Life, and held the Grassland Concert (Chinese: 草原音樂會).


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