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Damnation and a Day è il quinto album in studio del gruppo musicale britannico Cradle of Filth, pubblicato il 10 marzo 2003 dalla Sony Music.

Damnation and a Day
album in studio
ArtistaCradle of Filth
Pubblicazione10 marzo 2003
GenereSymphonic black metal
Gothic metal
Black metal
ProduttoreDoug Cook, Cradle of Filth
FormatiCD, 2 LP, MC
Cradle of Filth - cronologia
Album precedente
Album successivo
  1. Babalon A.D. (So Glad for the Madness)
    Pubblicato: 2003
  2. Mannequin
    Pubblicato: 2003

Il disco

È l'unico album pubblicato dall'etichetta prima del passaggio alla Roadrunner Records.

È basato sul tema dell'apocalisse e sul poema di John Milton: Paradise Lost.

Alcune tracce sono narrate da Dave McEwen, apparso nel video di Her Ghost in the Fog.

L'album è diviso in quattro parti.


I. Fantasia Down
  1. A Bruise Upon the Silent Moon – 2:03
  2. The Promise of Fever – 5:57
  3. Hurt and Virtue – 5:24
  4. An Enemy Led the Tempest – 6:12
II. Paradise Lost
  1. Damned in Any Language (a Plague on Words) – 1:58
  2. Better to Reign in Hell – 6:11
  3. Serpent Tongue – 5:10
  4. Carrion – 4:43
III. Sewer Side Up
  1. The Mordant Liquor of Tears – 2:35
  2. Presents from the Poison-Hearted – 6:20
  3. Doberman Pharaoh – 6:03
  4. Babalon A.D. (so Glad for the Madness) – 5:38
IV. The Scented Garden
  1. A Scarlet Witch Lit the Season – 1:34
  2. Mannequin – 4:27
  3. Thank God for the Suffering – 6:14
  4. The Smoke of Her Burning – 5:00
  5. End of Daze – 1:24


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[en] Damnation and a Day

Damnation and a Day (subtitled From Genesis to Nemesis...) is the fifth studio album by English extreme metal band Cradle of Filth. It was released on 10 March 2003 and is Cradle of Filth's only album on a major label, Sony Records, after which they transferred to Roadrunner. It features the one hundred and one-piece Budapest Film Orchestra including the forty-piece Budapest Film Choir. The album is partly based on John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost.

[es] Damnation and a Day

Damnation and a Day: From Genesis To Nemesis es el quinto álbum de larga duración de Cradle of Filth. Presenta a la Orquesta de Filmes n.º 40 de Budapest y al Coro de Filmes n.º 32 de Budapest, y este álbum está en parte basado en el poema épico de John Milton Paradise Lost. También es el único álbum de Cradle of Filth con la discográfica Sony, antes de que firmaran con Roadrunner Records.
- [it] Damnation and a Day

[ru] Damnation and a Day

Damnation and A Day (полное название альбома: Damnation and A Day — From Genesis to Nemesis, с англ. «Проклятие и один день — от Бытия к Возмездию») — пятый студийный альбом английской металл-группы Cradle of Filth, вышедший в 2003 году.

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